Assemblage by Stephen Lynch

  • 1. When will spaces be available?

    We are anticipating beginning the renovations of the historic buildings within the next year with occupancy expected as early as summer of 2008.

    2. What will the per-square foot cost be for space at TAC?

    Our best estimate at this time is approximately $8.50 per square foot per year plus operating expenses estimated at $6.50 per square foot per year. Operating expenses include taxes, property management, maintenance and insurance. (Example: $8.50+$6.50=$15 per sq. ft. x 500 sq. ft. = $7,500 / 12 = $625 per month.)

    3. Are utilities included in the rent?

    Electricity will be separately metered and is the responsibility of the tenant along with media and communications.

    4. What about insurance?

    Tenants will be required to carry commercial general liability insurance.

    5. What will be provided and what kind of improvements will I need to make?
    If I invest in improvements will I be able to get a long-term lease?

    Artspace and the Tannery Arts Center will provide a basic shell ready for discipline specific improvements, approved by the Tannery Arts Center, to be performed by tenants. Spaces will be electrically wired. We hope to secure funding for campus wide internet service. If not tenants will secure service independently. Common work sinks will be provided in each building as well as restrooms. Heating and ventilation will be provided as part of the basic renovation of the buildings. Any additional improvements such as discipline specific exhaust systems are the responsibility of each individual tenant. Given the investment in improvements and Artspace’s mission to provide long-term affordable space for the arts, long-term leases will be available, usually 5 year leases with 5 year options.

    6. Who will manage the property?

    A private property management company will be engaged to oversee general operations and maintenance of the property. We expect that an arts organization or the Tannery Arts Center will coordinate programming on the Tannery Arts Center campus.

    7. Will there be parking?

    Yes there is free parking available on site for tenants and visitors.

    8. How do we dispose of hazardous materials?

    Tenants will be expected to dispose of all hazardous materials in accordance with California State law and all City of Santa Cruz ordinances. TAC is planning to create an on- site program for recycling and disposal of hazardous materials. Health and Safety workshops will be offered to all tenants and safety information will be available on site.

    9. Will artists be able to make work, sell work, teach classes and have space open to the public?

    Yes, the goal of the Tannery Arts Center is to provide space for the arts to flourish with opportunities for arts education and for visitors to experience the making of art.

    10. Are there other businesses and/or services planned for the Tannery?

    Currently the Santa Cruz Ballet and the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County have expressed interest in tenancy at the Tannery Arts Center. We anticipate galleries, cafes and other creative businesses will locate at the TAC.