Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center will include:

  • Fully equipped theater for local dance, drama, film, and music performances
  • seating for 200, with 70 additional seats
  • New home for the nationally-recognized Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre
  • Open-air courtyard for outdoor performances, markets, or events

The third phase of the Tannery Arts Center will create a place for the community to enjoy the creativity and artistic activity presented on the 8.2-acre campus at many different levels from simple observation to serious study. The Performing Arts Center at the Tannery will be the hub of activity for the community and visitors alike. This will be the starting point for the history exhibits, open studio events and special festivals. This will also be the place to sign up for classes in dance, music, drama and art. And this will be a place to stop rest and enjoy the rich diversity of artistic and cultural talent assembled at the Tannery Arts Center.

  • Theater – The Hide House will be renovated into a 200-seat theater with 70 additional seats. The theater will also provide the needed back stage and support areas such as dressing rooms, green rooms and storage areas lacking in other local community theaters. This will be a truly professional level theater for our local dance, drama, film and music groups to present their talent.
  • Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre – The SCBT will build on the site developed next to the Hide House. The building will include multiple studios to run their Company as well as the School. These dance studios will also be available to local dance groups for rehearsals.
  • Open air courtyard – The Performing Arts Center Courtyard will be “town square for the Tannery Arts Center, a place for outdoor performances, receptions, arts events, sculpture garden or simply waiting between classes or to pick up a dancer after ballet class.