Digital Media & Creative Arts Center

The historic buildings at the Tannery Arts Center offer a range of opportunities for Santa Cruz’s creative community. The needs of this community will define how the working studios are developed. Tenancy in the working studios is work-only and is not income restricted. The following is a sampling of possible options:

  • Individual Artist:
Artists could create a space to meet the needs of a particular discipline and join with other individual artists for open studio events.
  • Master Lease:
An individual or a group of artists could enter into a master lease agreement for a large space to share and/or sublease to other artists.
  • Lease by Discipline:
The working studios offer the opportunity for artists to create shared work space with specific equipment for their discipline, such as; kiln for ceramic artists; forge for iron workers; hot shop for glass artists; foundry for metal sculptors; darkroom for photographers; press for printmakers; etc.
  • Institutional Use:
Studio space would be available for students/professors in BA or MFA programs in nearby educational institutions, linking them with the community.
  • Exhibitions:
With 100 creative residential units, and potential for work-only studio spaces that will accommodate another 100 artists, the Tannery Arts Center will have the critical mass necessary for development of successful cooperative and/or commercial galleries. Extensive indoor and outdoor open spaces could accommodate a wide variety of exhibitions/events including, but not limited to visual, literary and the performing arts. The Tannery Arts Center will be a must-see destination for visitors interested in the arts and the creative process.

For leasing information contact Cathryn Vandenbrink,